Following your home exercise plan that your therapist gives you is difficult for a lot of people. Trying to find time in your crazy schedule to do a bunch of exercises is too much for some. Kamloops Kinesiologist Alexa Cochran can help put you on the right track for getting those exercises done.

Doing your prescribed exercises is be game changer for making long-lasting results to your pain. But if you struggle to do the exercises that your therapist prescribed then it will not help you. Finding creative ways to fit exercises into your life will get rid of those pains you’ve been dealing with for far too long. 

Movement micro-dosing is all about fitting in very small bouts of exercise in throughout your day. For example, maybe you do some calf raises every morning and night when your brush your teeth or do a set of pelvis tilts every time you sit down to eat a meal. Doing these micro amounts of exercise throughout the day will still have the same effect of setting aside time to do all your sets of exercises at once. 

Book an appointment at the Movement Mechanics with Kamloops Kinesiologist Alexa Cochran to come up with a plan to micro-dose exercises into your life and get rid of that pain.

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