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Osteopathic Manual Practitioners use gentle manual techniques to help treat the cause of your pain, restore balance and allow the body to heal itself. After a thorough assessment, many different hands-on strategies will be used and personalized exercises will be given.
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Joint Mobilization

Joint mobilizations are a manipulation of the passive stabilizers in a joint. This can help with dysfunction at the joint by moving through range to restore proper motion.

Muscle Energy Techniques

Muscle energy techniques are an active manual technique that involves voluntary contraction followed by a passive stretch to increase the function, motion and flexibility of a muscle.

Soft Tissue Techniques

Soft Tissue Therapy uses multiple techniques to mobilize the superficial and deep layers of soft tissue including muscle and connective tissue. Most commonly used technique is Swedish massage.

Craniosacral Osteopathy

Craniosacral therapy works on correcting the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid circulation by using the cranial bones and sacrum to re-align the dural tube.

Visceral Techniques

Visceral techniques use manipulations to release the tension of the organs that may arise as different problems within the body by improving the motility and function.

Active Rehabilitation and Exercise Programming

Following a thorough assessment, an individual plan is developed which includes specific exercises and exercise progressions with the intention of restoration and/or fortification of physical function.

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